This room encompasses the benefits of both relaxation and Halotherapy with heated ceramic loungers and a working salt machine.

Heated loungers in Halotherapy room by Drom UK Ltd
Halotherapy Room

The sleek, ergonomic loungers are made of beautiful, velvet soft ceramic tiles. The under bench LED strip lighting adds a relaxing atmospheric glow to the room, with additional downlighters in the decorative ceramic niches. Heat storage ceramic is superior to other ceramic materials. It stores heat and then emits it back to the body via infrared long wave gentle heat. The ceramic tiles can be shaped into a range of designs including benches, loungers and massage tables.

This soothing room has the added benefit of a working HaloFX Halogenerator, injecting dry salt into the air. Relax on the loungers, breathe normally and let the salt particles work their magic. There are many benefits to salt inhalation including helping to alleviate respiratory problems, improve sports performance and soothe chronic skin conditions including ezcema and psoriasis.  It is also safe for children.


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