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A guide to laconium wellness spaces

Temperature range: 38 – 40°C

Percentage Humidity: 15 – 20%

What is a laconium?

A Laconium is a warm, dry heat treatment room where the body is allowed to warm up gently. It is usually a tiled room where the warmth is generated by heated walls, loungers, benches and floors. Relax on the loungers or benches for as long as you feel comfortable and the body will slowly start to sweat as it warms up, with the heat penetrating deep into the muscles.

Most Laconiums have a kneipp hose where you can cool off and stimulate circulation, before relaxing back onto the loungers to enjoy the thermal experience again. For a more personal bathing experience play soothing or uplifting music and introduce fragrances to help you unwind via a humidifier.

Benefits for a laconium

As the room is warm, rather than hot, you can spend a longer time relaxing, as the dry, warm air heats the body gently. The aim of a Laconium experience is to purify and detoxify the body through improved blood circulation brought on by sweating.

A laconium is a dry sweating room. As in a tepidarium, the heat radiates evenly from the stone walls, floors, seats and benches. However, the temperature is considerably higher than in a tepidarium, being held at around 60°. In a laconium, you slowly but surely begin to sweat most intensively. A laconium is a good alternative for anyone who finds a traditional sauna – where the temperature is generally 90°C or more – too hot. The level of humidity is between 15-20%.

At Dröm UK, we can design and build all kinds of wellness areas to suit your property and use, including laconiums.


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