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A guide to infrared heat cabins

Temperature range: 45 – 60°C

Humidity: Relative humidity

What is an infrared sauna or heat cabin?

Infra rooms have little in common with traditional saunas.

In an infrared heat cabin, your body primarily absorbs the heat generated by an infrared (IR) radiator or similar component, such as IR foil which heats the walls.

You absorb only a negligible amount of heat from the air itself. In these rooms, infra red heaters convert light directly into heat, warming human tissue without raising the air temperature. Longwave infrared-C radiation is particularly gentle on your body.

To enjoy, sit and relax in the warmth emitted by the infrared panels and feel the deep penetrating heat ease any tension in your muscles.

Benefits of infrared heat cabins or saunas

Radiant heat and long wave infrared is absorbed by the surface of the skin and is similar to the heat we get from the sun. This heat targets muscles, releases toxins as you sweat and reduces arthritic pain. Infrared also lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. You can also benefit from chromotherapy lighting.

Most infrared cabins can be plugged in to a normal socket.

See our range of infrared options.

At Dröm UK, we can design and build all kinds of wellness areas to suit your property and use, including tepidariums.


Infrared sauna and heat cabin

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