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A guide to salt inhalation wellness spaces

Temperature range: 25 – 30oC

Percentage Humidity: 50%

What is salt inhalation?

Salt therapy (or Halotherapy) is believed to aid in relieving respiratory ailments. It is a 100% natural therapy and is safe for children. Comfortable clothing can be worn but no shoes, (white socks are usually given out in spas). Relax on a lounger for around 45 minutes breathing in the salt particles whilst reading or sleeping. This therapy is also referred to as Speleotherapy, when bathing takes place in naturally formed underground caves found in salt mines.

Benefits of salt inhalation

A sterile brine solution is injected into the air to create a salty climate which is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma, allergies and soothing irritated skin. As you breathe in, the tiny salt particles penetrate deep into the lungs. As the particles dissolve they attract positively charged impurities, which can then be coughed up or leave the body during metabolic processes via the bloodstream. The floor of the room may also be covered in salt, giving the feet a gentle exfoliating massage.

At Dröm UK, we can design and build all kinds of wellness areas to suit your property and use with a range of additional features to enhance the thermal experience and wellness. Salt inhalation is just one example.


Salt therapy (or Halotherapy) room

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