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A guide to herbal saunas

What is a herbal sauna?

Herbal saunas are very similar to traditional saunas, although often slightly cooler. Fresh or dried herbs of your choice are put into a small amount of water in a bowl or dish suspended over the heater stones.

In commercial saunas, a tray of herbs is placed above the heater and water is dripped over the herbs from a tap. As the herbs heat up in the water, their aroma is released gently into the room.

As in the traditional sauna, the lower benches are always cooler than the top benches so bathe where you feel the most comfortable. Ladle water over the stones to increase humidity for short periods.

Benefits of a herbal sauna

Different herbs have different benefits. For example peppermint and eucalyptus are decongestants and stimulate circulation. Lavender and rosemary can relax you and ease anxiety.

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