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Cloud Twelve

Categories: Commercial, Sauna, Steam

Location: London

Cloud Twelve is a unique, eco-friendly, wellness and lifestyle spa in the heart of London. A Feng Shui philosophy was incorporated into the design ensuring a free flowing, harmonious energy throughout the Spa.

This beautiful thermal suite has a unique printed glass wall separating the sauna and steam room. The steam room has bronze mosaic custom mix tiles to the walls and benches with a Tadelakt plaster finish to the ceiling incorporating fibre optic lighting.

The sauna benches and panelling are created from Thermo Alder (Intense) timber with the Tuliviki heater with a large rock compartment set into the end of the bench. Tadalakt has again been applied to the ceiling, with fibre optic spotlights installed.

There are automatic fragrance injection systems installed and a herb bowl within the sauna ensures that fresh aromas are released into the room as it heats up.

Pink Himalayan Salt bricks form a stunning feature wall in the glass salt room, which has a SOLFOG machine injecting a brine mist salt into the room.

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