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Traditional Finnish Sauna

Categories: Sauna

Location: Wimbledon, London

Dröm UK were asked to create a sauna with a unique timber colour, in this traditional Finnish style room.

The client on this project was very specific about wanting a ‘grey’ coloured timber for their traditional, Finnish style sauna room, after seeing something similar online.

However, after thorough research, this wasn’t possible with any natural timbers, so we had to find an alternative solution. We sourced a specialised colour wax which had been developed for use in saunas, which was free from harmful odours and was heat resistant. The client worked closely with us to ensure we achieved the colour he required and the wax still allowed the beauty of the natural timber to show through.

The room also features an integrated heater in one of the floating benches, with a natural stone surround. The stone has a unique ‘salt and pepper’ textured finish. LED lighting under the benches and in the ceiling provides a calming ambience, bringing a modern twist to this traditional room.

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